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Flatbed Towing

truck transporting the car

There are several methods we can use to tow your vehicle but in today’s age by far the most common is flatbed towing. The safest way to protect a vehicle, it involves a truck or trailer that has a flatbed on its rear to which the towed vehicle is attached. It is the safest way to transport your vehicle as it is extremely secure and will avoid any scratches or nicks to paintwork as it lifts the vehicle away from the road and any debris. By using a tow truck you will also avoid damage to the wheels and transmission too. There are many other benefits of towing with a flatbed method, some are listed here!

Safety on the road

Flatbed towing is by far the safest and most secure method of towing. It ensures better safety for your vehicle but also for all other road users. They work so well because all 4 wheels are secured carefully off the ground, so that there is no risk of the vehicle doing anything unpredictable. With the vehicle securely fastened, the uncontrolled moving around that can happen when a vehicle is towed on two or all four wheels is removed. Our experts have been performing this task for many years and are highly experienced in securing the vehicles properly, no matter what size or weight we are working with.

Time saving

In other methods of towing parts of the car need to be removed. For example, when using dollies, in order to keep the transmission undamaged, we have to take the drive shaft off the vehicle. When using flatbed towing, the process is much simpler. We simply move your vehicle onto the flat bed and secure it carefully in place. Time saving is also cost saving, so for an affordable and safe option to transport your vehicle, this simple method is for you!

Perfect for all situations

Some towing methods need the vehicle in some state of functioning in order for it to be used. Dollies for example, require the wheels to be running during the tow. Flatbed towing does not require any particular element to be working. Even if the vehicle has a broken axle, flatbed towing will work. With our diverse fleet of flatbed trucks and equipment, we will take great care of your vehicle as we transport it. Being able to handle all weights of vehicles, even heavy towing, we have a range of winches also to support the transition on and off the tow truck.

Other tow options

There are two other towing methods that could be utilized. Flat bar towing is simple- a tow bar attached to your vehicle. This is the cheapest but also highest risk option as you have little control over the towed vehicle in comparison to other methods. The other option is Two wheel dolly towing. This method lifts the front two wheels off the ground which can be problematic as the back wheels gain much more wear than the front.

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