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Heavy Towing & Hauling

truck travelling to its destination

For many years Premier Towing Indianapolis has been the number one service provider for heavy towing in Indianapolis, IN. Covering both long distance and local distances, we offer a 24 hour service to keep your business and hauling needs up and running. Our staff are highly trained and well experienced in this field of work and will ensure the utmost safety and protection of your goods in every job they do. They work efficiently and thoroughly, with vehicles and equipment of the highest calibre. As specialists in heavy and medium weight loads, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we are the people to help you.

What is the difference between towing and hauling?

Towing services generally deal with vehicles. Whichever method is employed, towing is the act of pulling another vehicle or boat along. Hauling services deal with everything else. Junk, goods, equipment, you name it, if we are moving it in a trailer or other form of trucking, it is hauling. As your local most recommended towing and hauling company please feel welcome to give us a call and discuss your needs, we keep our prices affordable and offer the most excellent service you could find.

Our truck and trailer fleet

With a large fleet of towing vehicles, we can work with all your towing needs. If you have a heavy load that needs transporting a long distance, or an unusually shaped large piece of equipment you need just round the corner, we are happy to help. With specialist staff for these larger jobs, they are experts in working with heavy loads and will be efficient with your time. Our vehicles and equipment are state of the art, and we are proud to maintain the most recent methods of towing- as our industry has developed so have we.

Commercial Towing

With our range of vehicles, we can easily supply an expert driver and commercial tow truck. With processes in place to ensure utmost safety, we will discuss with you exactly what your goods or items require to be kept safe whilst in transportation. We have a variety of methods that we can use to strap down and pad your goods. We will keep open communication with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We know how hard it can be to find a towing and haulage company that you can trust, so please feel welcome to get in touch and we will be happy to talk over your options and make sure that you feel confident in your decisions.

Bespoke projects

Every job that we do requires something different. Particularly in heavy towing and haulage, we will tailor make the project to ensure utmost safety for your goods. Our team will work with you to figure out exactly what is required, we know that you know your items better than anyone! The primary details focus on movement management. We will consider details such as fastenings, security, speed, routes, and permits to ensure utmost safe and efficient transportation.

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