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Private Property

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If there is an unknown vehicle on your private property you are well within your rights to have that vehicle towed. Because of our countries trespassing laws, any unauthorized vehicle on your land can be removed. As the property owner, you can contract us to come and collect the vehicle. From there we will charge a release fee to the owner of the vehicle.


In order to legally enforce towing on your property there are several signage terms that you must meet. Firstly, you must place signs no smaller than 12x18 inches on all entrances to your premises. These signs will alert drivers that trespassing vehicles will be towed. They must include the words “towing at owner’s expense” in letters no smaller than 3 inches in height. Other information that must be present is a pictorial image of a tow truck (symbol), and the hours within which towing is in effect. In some cases, you may need to also list the information of the towing service that you use, with their phone number.

How does it work?

You have some options with how this can work! You can either ask us to occasionally patrol your property, but usually our clients will call us in when there is a vehicle they need to be towed. Legally there is no time amount that you have to wait if a vehicle is parked unauthorized on your land. However, a specific time length may be a policy that you want to build in as you are liable to ensure that towing procedures take place legally and in the correct process. A company policy will just help to protect you that extra bit in the case an appeal comes forward. You also want to be sure that the vehicle you are having towed does not belong to a potential customer, so it is best to give considered time before acting!

Why work with us?

As a fully licensed tow company we are a friendly team with a wealth of experience. We are more than happy to provide advice if you are unsure of anything and are always here to assist you in any worries or action. We have a diverse fleet of tow trucks so can deal with any vehicle that you require being removed and will take the utmost care of it.
I am a vehicle owner- Where is my car towed?
If your car has been towed, you will find on the property the information of the towing company that is employed there. There should be signs at every entrance to the property, which will contain the information of towing terms and how you can make contact to get your vehicle back. If your vehicle has been towed by us, we will have taken it to a secure location where it will be kept safe until you are ready to claim for it. We will need to see appropriate documentation, and usually you will have to pay the towing costs with a possible fine.

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